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The New Eldar Warlord Traits

Warlord Traits

Eldar players may choose their Warlords traits from either the codex specific warlord traits table, or they can select from the three charts in the main rulebook. I suppose the first and foremost incentive for you to take the codex traits over the ones in the rulebook is that they seem geared for Eldar and in my opinion are quite decent for what you get. On my first observation the warlord traits left much to be desired however after reading them over and thinking of how they could affect the game I have changed my mind on these. Let’s march on and see what we can conjure up with the traits given to us.

1. Ambush of Blades
It allows friendly units within 12” to re-roll to wound rolls a one result for the duration of that shooting phase. Now bearing in mind that the army I field has about 70+ strength 6 shots (typical Eldar army does really) a turn so most of the time I am rolling a 2+ to wound, it could still be very handy if you are fielding large bubbles of infantry. Think about running 2 large blobs of 20 Guardian Defenders along with some Dire Avengers and an Avatar and what you get is one messy round of shooting when you use this warlord trait. Use it as soon as you are in range and when you have most models alive (early in the game) to maximize your damage output. Bear in mind that this is a one use only per battle trait.

2. An Eye on Distant Events
This trait allows for the Warlord to give the Stealth special rule to any units within 12”. I can see this especially useful for a footslogging Eldar army. Not bad having 60+ infantry with the stealth special rule don’t you think? It also confers stealth to vehicles too so not a bad trait at all. Just keep in mind that if you are playing Tau, don’t bother with this trait as they can remove it at a whim. Still though for other games this one is definitely worth considering.

3. Falcon's Swiftness
This trait adds 1” of all running movement to your Warlord and a unit he is attached to. Quite good especially if your warlord and the unit he is attached to want to get some place in a hurry, say close combat. Combine this with fleet and you can get a very fast and dangerous unit. I can see this very useful on your avatar to give him that extra range don’t you think? Moves 6” and then runs a potential 7” with reroll due to fleet! Nice! Unfortunately this trait is completely useless for Jetbike mounted Warlords as they can’t run.

4. Fate's Messenger
Your Eldar Warlord may re-roll a failed saving throw of a one. Again the Avatar can really benefit this but especially those 2+ toting Phoenix Lords too. Might be handy for denying your opponent that Slay the Warlord Victory point or help keep him alive in those intense challenges and frustrate your opponent. Get Asurman and the chances of getting this are very high since you can roll D3 times on the warlord table and pick which one you want. Asurman has a 2+ and a 4+inv so pretty handy.

5. Mark of the Incomparable Hunter
This Warlord trait allows your Warlord to fire at a separate target than the unit he is attached to. Might be handy for a Farseer with Eldrich Storm or a Fusion gun armed Autarch, Think of it like this, the Autarch and his Dire Avengers approach the Rhino/Land Raider etc. The Autarch fires the Fusion gun melting the Land Raider followed then by ten Dire Avengers unleashing a flurry of razor sharp discs into your opponents precious cargo. Ok I know it’s a bit situational but still… Not bad especially on a Seer council.

6. Seer of the Shifting Vector
This can be a decent trait providing you take a list that can take advantage of it. This trait allows any deep striking units not to scatter if they arrive within six inches of the Warlord. Could be very handy for deep striking some Jetbikes or better yet, Warp spiders!
Overall I might have misjudged the Warlord traits when I first looked at them. I definitely see potential there and providing you are willing to accommodate the trait into your list so you can take full advantage of it, I think they are going to be pretty solid for you.

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