Tuesday 27 August 2013


Hey all!

Well we hit mid-week and i'm really looking forward to my game of 40k tomorrow evening against Jan's Orks. But before that I would like to make a couple of announcements here on Wild Serpent. Firstly some bad news I'm afraid, Wild Serpent blog is going on hold for the foreseeable future. Why? Well that brings me to the good news my friends, because alongside some 40k Eldar buddies of mine, we have launched a new joint blog.

The New blog is called The Witchblade and you can get to it HERE. We are all Eldar players and nuts about Eldar so expect great content from the new blog. Please add The Witchblade to your respective blogrolls as this will greatly help us from the very start :)

Finally I want to thank you all for following this blog for so long and I hope to see you all over on the Witchblade along with Jay and Mike.

Many Thanks,