Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Project Begins

One of the most attractive armies for me to want to collect has always been Eldar. I collected them as a kid back in 2nd edition in the 1990's as my first ever army. After taking a 12 year absence from the hobby I came back and have been collecting Space Wolves which are almost complete now. I think it's time to re-ignite old passions and start a new side project. Enter Saim-Hann.

Why Saim-Hann? Well firstly the models. I think the thing that attracts every player to an army initially is how it looks. I just love the red paint scheme, it's so striking and who doesn't like an army all mounted on jetbikes?! It's a far cry from a tournament build Space Wolves but more of a fun fluffy theme army.

So where to start? Well i've got some of the army so far:

Seer Counsul upgrade pack from Chapter House Studios

1x Fire Prism Tank
1x Wave Serpent Tank
8x Eldar Jetbikes
6x Fire Dragons
6x Howling Banshees
1x Viper Jetbike.

Im aiming to firstly paint 1000pts starting with my Fire Prism. I hope you enjoy the blog and my documentation of Project Saim-Hann.



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