Monday, 15 April 2013

Eldar coming in June 2013

Incoming Eldar Codex
I hate to be presumptuous but with all the rumours about Eldar coming out in June it's really hard for some of us not to get excited. After all we are still using a 4th edition codex so we have waited long enough don't you think?! 
This rumour compilation is about a year old and has been added to and comes from so thank you Natfka! And in his own word's, please take with lots of salt. Also I have added some stuff that I have heard over the last few months from various sources.
  • Plastic Warpspiders

  • Plastic Shining Spears box set

  • Plastic Phantomwaechter - these might be the shadow spectres?

  • Plastic Jetbikes box of three

  • Plastic Wraithguard

  • Plastic flyer combi-kit - The flyer is pretty large and has a crossbow shape, two canopies, one fin. The main variant on the cover has some lances and a large dorsal distort cannon. The other variant has extra downward/sideway thrusters, but I don’t remember if it has a different weapon loadout.

  • Plastic phoenix lord niadhau - For Shining Spears, appears to be on a Vyper jetbike. 

  • Plastic webway gate

  • Resin box Avatar

  • Resin Black Warden - The Black Warden looks like an female Autarch. She has a shuriken catapult and a feathered guardian helm with an eye on it. 
  • Resin Dire Avenger Xentarch - Appears to be a new English name for Exarch?

  • Resin Howling Banshee Xentarch

  • Resin Fire Dragon Xentarch

  • Resin Striking Scorpion Xentarch

  • Resin box Dragon Riders - Possibly Exodites?

  • Resin box Eldritch Raiders - They look like guardians but have no helms and wear scarfs around the lower head and swashbuckle belts. They are very individually equipped, have all sorts blades, pistols and/or rifles. (potentially Storm Guardians?)

  • Resin box Halcones Cazadores - Still a mystery

  • Resin Warlock
I have also heard Warp Spiders are getting a Pheonix Lord.
Fingers crossed for all of this!

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