Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Space Wolves Aegis Defence Line

Aegis Defence Line Complete

Hey guys,

A little diversion from my usual Eldar chatter but I thought I would share pictures of my finished Aegis Defence Line for my other army, my Space Wolves. Hope you like it :)

How did I do it?
  1. Basecoated with Army Painter Wolf Grey
  2. Washed all pieces completely with Devlan mud making each piece much darker and worn looking.
  3. Used large brush to cover all metal area's with leadbelcher followed by black wash.
  4. Used watered down tin bits paint on the nuts and bolts to give rusty look.
  5. Used shining gold on the Imperial Symbols followed by a black wash and then once that was dry I gave it a heavy wash of Thraka Green to give the copper symbols the appearance of oxidisation from age.
  6. Highlighted the metal with chainmail silver.


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