Friday, 19 April 2013

Grey Army Syndrome

Grey Army Syndrome

I think we are all guilty of this at some point, a large collection of your favourite models sitting there collecting dust waiting endlessly for some of your love and attention. There is nothing worse, yet we all do this. I have lost count of the amount of times I have bought a single box of miniatures or an Army Codex in the hopes of starting a new army, only for them to sit idle in my bottom drawer.

Only this year I bought the Dark Angels Codex and got some models too and then ended up trading them or selling them. Then I bought the Daemons Codex in the hopes of doing a Khorne Daemon army only to lose interest again and as a result I have a wasted money on Daemon Codex doing nothing. I bought the Chaos Space Marines Codex, I bought a box of Grey Knights, Orcs and Goblins army book and battalion, the list goes on. Heck I even bought an entire 2000pts Logan Wing Terminator Army that is still only half assembled not to mention the Forgeworld Thunderhawk Gunship that is still only partly assembled in its box.

The only army that I bought and assembled and then painted straight away was my Eldar Saim Hann jetbike army. I dunno what it was but if I had to describe the motivation I got during this project it was pure passion for the fictional race itself and the models I truly love. I love their history, their advanced technology, their sleek vehicles and who wouldn't love a space elf army led by a molten daemon running around with a big sword?

There was a national tournament coming up and I had just ordered my entire army. It came in a large cardboard box filled with all my jetbikes and grav tanks. Needless to say it was like Christmas! Straight away I cracked open the boxes and got to work not as a burden but in excitement. Leading up to this I had been telling myself "man I really would love a fully painted army, i'm just sick of making excuses and making false promises". So I had about 6 weeks until this tournament and I was determined to get a fully painted original looking army done by then.

Six weeks later and the army was complete and I was a very proud owner of a 2000pt themed Saim Hann Jetbike army. These days I have so many ongoing projects that I am kinda swamped but I am waiting to rekindle that same passion once the new Eldar codex hits us in June. I am thinking of doing a Ilyanden themed army which should be good.

Until then I am ticking away on various projects notably my Space Wolves and High Elves and the odd addition to my Saim Hann army. Still though, I love playing my Saim Hann army more than ever and can see myself playing it for many years.

If I had to give advice to somebody stuck with a grey army it would be the following:
  • Set yourself a goal like have a fully painted army to bring to an upcoming event like a tournament.
  • If you have an army you don't really like the look of then STOP. I'm telling you now you have already lost. My best advice I could give for this situation is try sell/swap it for an army that you find irresistible.
  • Use anything that makes the project easier, for me it was Army Painter basecoat spray. It's a lifesaver and timesaver!
  • Paint even when you aren't in the mood. I know this is hard but over time when you start seeing your army coming together you will become more enthusiastic than ever.
  • Lastly, batch paint everything. Some people love painting each model individually but if you have a grey army you are a similar type of person to me and trust me you need to batch paint. Stick on Deadliest Catch or The Wire and drone away at this for hours. It pays off in the long run.


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  1. You hit nail on the head Johno you need to have a love for the models & thats why a lot of bandwagon armies never get finisheed.